Beach Portraits By Design: Blog en-us (C) Beach Portraits By Design (Beach Portraits By Design) Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:19:00 GMT Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:19:00 GMT Beach Portraits By Design: Blog 96 120 Top 5 Reasons you are going to LOVE us! Top 5 reasons you are going to LOVE us!

1. NO Session or Sitting FEES!!! We want you to get products for your money…no hidden fees. You can spend your deposit any way you choose anytime you choose! No stress or pressure to decide.

2. We are a team! Two is better than one. We will capture the portraits and the candid moments of your beach photography session and we have more FUN!

3. Professional Editing! We are trained in Photoshop and retouching and will make you look fabulous! No right out of the camera downloads. You will get finished portraits or enhanced digital images.

4. We are Experienced Professionals. Local, Full time photographers that will bring you wonderful images guaranteed… no wondering what you are going to get with us! In fact, our clients find they have too many good ones to choose from!

5. Top Quality Products! We offer a full line of top quality, professional lab printed portrait products, canvas and fine art options, beautiful frames, as well as custom designed Christmas cards and albums! We are old school and believe in canvas wall portraits for your home, leave the stress of printing to us and our pro labs. Finished wall art delivered to you, ready to hang! 

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Print. The Movement. Are we losing our cultural heritage with digital? Fun, Simple, Affordable Beach photos and pics made a professional.Print. The Movement Print your photosPrint your photographs to preserve our cultural heritage. Print your summer beach photos for your family to enjoy!

There is a world-wide movement in photography today called “Print. The Movement” and it is based not only in science, but our cultural history. As citizens of the world, are we losing our heritage? Yes.

What will the millennials have to show their kids about what life was like for them while they were growing up? Nothing.

Well, maybe a version of their pictures from childhood and teen years on the cloud somewhere or wait, will the cloud even exist by then? What will they see, hold, touch? No real actual photographs? Sounds sad; but it is true.  

A wise man once said “wall portraits are like very fine furniture and we must treasure and treat them so”.  Do you have family wall portraits with your kids in them? What family heirloom are you passing down?

Canvas Photograph print your legacy.Canvas Gallery Wrap on WallCapture the memories of your summer vacation on our beautiful gallery wrap canvas in all sizes!   Custom printed photos from your CD's or DVD's, and flash drives. We can print your photos.Fine art Paper printed wall portraits from your beach pics.Let us print your wall portraits on fine art watercolor paper with crisp, bright, perfect summer beach photos. Wall Portraits printed on canvas and mounted on masonite, classic, timeless, wall art from the coast.Canvas On Masonite Finish Framed Photography by the beach. Enjoy a beautiful wall portrait on canvas and framed of your family on the beach in Destin, Florida or your favorite beach near Destin.

We have portraits galore from my Mom’s childhood and we love it.  She is 80 now and a grandmother of eight! We know what she looked like, what she wore, and where she played. Thankfully her father, my grandfather was quite the photo buff and documented their lives on paper. We have tons of photos of the nieces and nephews but somewhere along about the year 2005 we stopped getting them printed. We were in the digital age and they were on CD’s.

We love looking at all those photographs and hearing their stories…opening Mom’s albums and boxes of photos is like stepping back in time with her.

Well, it has happened…the most photographed generation of all time is going to be left with nothing to actually hold and show one another. 

Your kids may be able to sit among your family and forefathers in the dining room at the very same table they once sat around telling stories like all the generations before, but something is missing. Where are the photos?  We have photographs of our family, our grandparents, even great grandparents and we can trace our family back to Ellis Island, Germany and Switzerland…we have photos to prove it. We can see our family eyes looking back at us over time and through generations. What are your wall portraits telling you?

Print Your Legacy, Print Your Photos!

Order a Wall Portrait or Start an album with actual, real photographs on paper. 

logo for the national professional photography campaign to get you to print your photos and pictures. logo-black print the movement asking Americans to print their photographs.Order professional photographs and wall portraits from the best. Professional photography on the beach in Destin, FL.

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New Digital Paintings by Leslie Ocean Impressions

Digital Mixed Media photosBoy with a hat digital oil paintingNew Ocean Impressions digital Watercolor Paintings

Announcing Our New Artistic Paintings

Let me create a unique work of art for your home featuring your family!

I am so excited to announce our latest edition to our fine art line, Ocean Impressions. I have been looking for a way to blend my painting talent and photography for a long time and I have finally found the perfect combination that allows my painting ability to finesse your portrait into a one-of-kind painting.

I start with your favorite photo and I work my magic with my digital tablet and pen creating digital brush strokes while using the original photo as an underlying reference. I want your painting to be an emotional expression of your child or family and I fashion it with a painting in mind.

Since these digital paintings are each created by hand, the delivery time will be longer… so order your Christmas gifts early to ensure your painting is ready in time!  

Ocean Impressions

Impressionist Digital Portrait Painting

 Custom designed by Leslie

Watercolor Paper

with watercolor effect edges



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This generation will not have a photo history without printed photographs. “I lost my flash drive….do you still have my beach portraits? This past week, a former client contacted me asking if I still had access to her beach pictures as she had lost them all. Really? Why? Did she not get them printed?

You have paid to have these wonderful images taken by a professional photographer and you do not have proof of the event other than a few shared images on Facebook?

I understand, I have been there. Time and life gets in the way.  Even as a photographer we tend to keep memories in a file on a hard drive…but now is the time to take action! Print your images today or even better, let us!

Are your memories on your walls or in your files? This is the most photographed generation ever, yet the images will not remain. They will not become a part of our history. Why are they disappearing? Estimates say they will not last beyond a year….a YEAR?

These moments get replaced with new moments and new interests…but where is the history? Photographs are no longer important enough to print…or are they? It is estimated that less that 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today will actually end up being a printed photograph. Seriously?

You probably have countless pictures that are just randomly stored and no real way to access them easily. You probably plan to get them printed soon…only to realize it has been 4 years now and the kids are teens. So here is where we can help! Let us print those images for you! Let us help you get those images on your wall!

Do you have photos that you love and want to see them on display…send them to us!

We will tweak them and make them better and then send them to our pro lab. We can help you save the history of your family and the history of this generation. Professional photographers are becoming America’s historians. Order prints from your digital images today…before they are lost forever.


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Should I pay to have my digital files edited or retouched? Photo retouching, editing, effects, and filters. Do I need it if I have photo editing software or apps? Should I pay extra for retouching or edited photos on my digital images?

Photo editing is the changing of images. Some types of editing, such as airbrushing, are done by hand and others are done using photo editing programs like Photoshop. Photo editing is used to remove blemishes and make the model better. This is usually called retouching, airbrushing or Photoshopping…. Other reasons to edit a photo include fixing errors (red eye, contrast, brightness, etc.).​ From Wikipedia

The answer is yes! Even if you have some editing software at home or the office, you need a professional to make it perfect! I have been working with retouching photos for more than 20 years. As a Photoshop artist I can now swap heads or even replace people in photos.

I have so many tricks and techniques to make you look younger and slimmer without changing your true look. I edit each individual image by hand with my digital pen and tablet. We do not just rely on filters and apps that blur the pixels together and let it go. We take our time and make the water and skies more colorful with layers and the result is not over saturated with too vibrant colors or orange skin tones that you often get with apps, effects and filters.

Here is a before and after image. before editing before hair edits and retouchingwe edited out his blowing hair, the sand in his hair, and the red eyes.

Before edits on hair and eyes

hair after editshair after edits

After editing his hair out and removing the red eyes

The little boy has sand in his hair and red eye as well as blowing hair. Now you can print out a wall portrait if you like. Maybe you look great already and it is something we could not fix the day of photo shoot, like the weather, bad seaweed in the water, stormy ocean colors, or dark clouds. We can fix them all. In this photo, we needed the blanket to protect the baby and decided later to remove it. This is why you need retouching and editing on your photographs.

before editing2before editing2

Before Editing  

After Editing & RetouchingAfter Editing and Retouching the digital imageRemoved the towel from under the baby in Photoshop and smoothed her skin by hand and reoved the scratch.

After edits and retouching.

Removed scratch, face redness and the white towel.

In this next image we needed to add a girl who was not present for the session. These changes can be made for a fee. Notice how we removed the people and condos from the background and enhanced the sky and water color. This is now a large canvas wall portrait in their home.

Before editingBefore editing no retouchingBefore photo with people and condos in background before adding person in digitally.

Before Photo

After editing added personAfter editing added personWe enhanced the colors and edited in a cousin.

After Photo with added person. 

Before RetouchBefore RetouchPhoto with no editing or changes raw from the camera Before

Photo with photo editsPhoto after edits and retouchingPhoto with editing and retouching Finished Photo

So, go ahead...get those digAfterital files edited and retouched. It is worth it! 

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New Metallic Foil Stamped Christmas Photo Cards They are here just in time for the Holidays!

Order your custom designed folded metallic foil stamped photo cards from us!

Foil Card SampleFoil Card SampleFoil stamped Christmas Card Custom designed with matching foil lined envelopes

Minimum Order of 30 cards!! Comes with matching foil lined envelopes. Choose from red, black, silver, and gold foil stamp.

These are beautiful Holiday photo cards!

Confetti silver foil pressed cardsConfetti silver foil pressed cards



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Top 5 Reasons to hire a pro for your beach photos Summer is here and so are our tourists! I am so glad that families from across the country are putting their trust in local professionals to capture their beach memories. When so many people can “do their own snapshots” I am glad there are those that understand the difference.

I felt sorry for the family that approached us tonight on the beach with their nice camera that had fogged over inside the lens from the beach moisture and temperature change. We could not fix it for her.  

It can happen to anyone, but we plan for it and consider it whenever we move our equipment.  We watched as their children became cranky waiting for the camera to clear…and the mom looked tired and sad. So, here are 5 reasons to leave your beach photos to the pros.

Early morning beach photographyEarly morning beach photography

The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for your family vacation beach photos.

1. Take away the stress! Let someone else stress over your temperamental toddler. You can relax while someone else chases her for a while! Remember this is Mom’s vacation too! It is hard enough to get the kids and Dad ready for the session, much less yourself…and finally after all that work who wants to try and get smiles out their kids. We promise to take the stress out of it and let Mom enjoy her photo session and even get some great portraits with her too!

2. Kids behave better for us.  It is true, we can get expressions and real portraits, that moms, uncles or grandmothers struggle with. We know all about it…photographing your own family can be very hard. No one wants to behave for their own family and they’re so easily distracted. We find that children respond well to us and listen as we are “new” to them and they take it much more serious and have fun. A young man commented last week that “It was great! Mom you didn’t tell us we were going to enjoy it…we hate it when you take them.”

3. No Technology or Camera Issues. No breakdowns, no worries. Forget your camera or the charger? Had a bad IPad experience? Are you worried about power for the flash or what the sand will do to your equipment? We use two cameras and have a backup. We know all about cameras, technology and power issues. We face it every day and prepare for it. Relax and let us fret over the gear.

4. Photoshop and Professional Retouching or Editing. We make you look fabulous. No, not just some app that makes everyone look plastic and perfect, we make you look real, using artistic hand retouching with our digital pen. We can remove that crazy hair from the wind, people in the background or change the seaweed stained water. We have years of experience and can perform weight loss, clothing alterations and even head swaps if needed. Let our magic pens make you look wonderful!

5. Outstanding Wall Portraits. We take more than photos of the kids, we capture family heirlooms of the entire family.  Our images can be purchased as digital files in collections or you can get a beautiful canvas printed by our pro lab. Either option will offer you a beautiful piece of art for your wall rather than just some snap shots only big enough for your Christmas cards. We print images from clients IPads or smartphones and they break up in sharpness at a 5x7 size. Want something larger? We specialize in custom wall portraits and it is time to fill your living room with that perfect image of your family. 20x30 and up!

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New Prices and Products For Professional Vacation Photos At The Beach Hello! Welcome to our beach photography website! We have made some awesome changes to our products and prices and we are excited to offer you the high quality and value you expect from your beach portrait session.

We have changed our prices for the summer vacation photography season in the hopes that is would be simpler to use, and easier to follow. We know how overwhelming shopping after the session can be! With hundreds of photographic products out there…we chose to offer the classics, those timeless pieces that you will enjoy for generations to come.

Canvas, Fine Art Watercolor Paper and Classic Photo Luster Paper. We have samples in our studio that have been with us for more than 30 years and they still look wonderful so we are going to focus on those! If you are interested in other products not listed on our new price list, please contact us for more information and price quotes.


Big News on Digital Files!

Flash Drive webFlash Drive Digital FilesWe offer flash drives with retouchedand edited photos for your own printing.

We are now offering digital files with a choice. You can order them to include retouching if you like. We combined the retouching fee to the image price so you are now getting the best of both worlds. You can choose to purchase them retouched or choose to get a few edited or retouched. We want you to be proud of the images you share or get printed on your own. Check out our new prices and keep in mind that we are going to make you look great in them all!

Extensive retouching fees will continue on body slimming, head and face swaps and anything that really requires some detailed time to retouch. Changing the water color, sky color or removing heavy seaweed will be considered extensive as well.

Call us and get a quote on putting your ideas to work. We look forward to capturing your family vacation memories on the beach this summer! 

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What is your Online Image? What does it say about YOU? Personal Branding ...We can help! What does your image online look like? Is it a great professional head shot or one that is a little blurry with your husband cut out? Personal Branding is not just another tech buzzword. It is your online impression. I recently decided I was probably sending the wrong message to potential clients when I did not even include a photograph of myself on my LinkedIn profile. 

Honestly, as a photographer and professional photoshop expert, I always made excuses for not having a portrait good enough to publish, so I did it! I had Ray take some of me at my art gallery location. I have added it to my social media sites, and business cards.  Beach Art by Leslie Gallery WallOne of my latest paintings located in Retail Therapy Gallery in Destin FL

Personal branding essentially means how we go about marketing ourselves to the world. How do people describe you to others? Do they use words like strong, capable, trustworthy, great business mind, fun, creative? All of these ideas are part of your brand...those descriptive words that make you special.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words...well what does the blank icon with no actual photo say about me? Are they getting the fun, energized, happy and hardworking creative Leslie or just a blank question mark?  Beach Art By LeslieGallery Wall

I am a professional artist as well as photographer and I spend a great deal of my time especially in the winter months creating artworks that I am proud to show off and sell. Nothing excites me more than seeing where one of my creations has been sold from our local gallery.

Do they know what I am like? Did they try and imagine the artist as she created it? Well, now they don't have to imagine me. So are your clients having to imagine you? 

We can help! We are offering clients a new way to brand themselves online and in print. We will take your photograph in a scenic setting or in your office or like me where you "create". My easel and paint splattered studio is great...but so is my wall at the gallery! We can come to you and get those outstanding portraits that will make you stand out from the crowd and improve your brand. 

According to online branding specialists...(yes that is a job) need a great photograph or several that tell the story of you. Do you have one on your business card? 

Website? Social Media? Corporations know the importance of personal branding and pay us to create great images of their employees so what about you? The small business owner or artist? Realtor? Professional House Painter or Landscaper? Do you have a personal brand? 

Personal brand PhotoLocal Artist Local Artist and Creative Soul on her branding

Local Artist and her new branding Photos

Commercial Photo Leather Artist profile Photo


Schedule your Personal Branding Photo Session Today! Contact us now for special deals on business and branding sessions.

Publicity photo Local Watercolor ArtistSharon Long Local ArtistWebsite Photo

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Retouching or Editing Photographs and Why Do I Need It? Why do I need Retouching? ...or is it Editing? What does this really mean?

Most professional photographers use the term retouching for “fixing” your images. Edit usually means taking something out and we do this with every session. We actually do remove images before you see them. When we “edit” your images we are removing the ones where your eyes are closed or you are making a weird face…in other words these are the images no one wants to see. We like to use the term “Retouch” instead of “Editing”.

After RetouchAfter RetouchBeach Photo after we have enhanced and retouched it removing the seaweed and brightening the water color After RetouchAfter RetouchBeach Photo after we have enhanced and retouched it removing the seaweed and brightening the water color

                                       Before                                                                               After

Most true Professional Photographers still call it Retouching. Years ago it was airbrushing or pencil work…that is because we came from the days of film when you had to physically work on the actual print or negative to make corrections.

Retouching or editing usually involves manipulating the image to make it better. I make my changes and enhancements with a large digital tablet and pen.

I am a professional at Photoshop and can do amazing things to your photos with the right amount of time. We can remove stray hair, acne, sunburns, tattoos, bruises, glare on glasses, soften wrinkles, or and even create weight loss. For a small fee I can even swap faces, smiles, remove braces, scars and tattoos. 

Do you need our retouching/editing service and is it worth it? We think so.

Before removalBefore removalBoys on beach before blanket removal and toys seaweed Before removalBefore removalBoys on beach before blanket removal and toys seaweed

                       BEFORE                                        AFTER

We get some great images and perfection is overrated….but I also know that nature is unpredictable. I expect to “fix” something in just about every image we make on the beach...whether it is removing the orange floating buoys out in the ocean, people walking by or just innocent bystanders to the session in the water.

You can expect us to fix these things and we gladly do it for free. Yes, FREE. We will remove all the extra people out of your images and not every photographer will do it. So, if your photographer offers to download your images on the beach and give them to you right then these are not “edited” and are definitely not “Retouched”.

Retouched or Edited Files or ImagesAfter RetouchRetouching or Editing samples Before and After Samples Retouched or Edited Files or ImagesAfter RetouchRetouching or Editing samples Before and After Samples Retouched or Edited Files or ImagesAfter RetouchRetouching or Editing samples Before and After Samples Retouched or Edited Files or ImagesAfter RetouchRetouching or Editing samples Before and After Samples   Retouched or Edited Files or ImagesAfter RetouchRetouching or Editing samples Before and After Samples   Retouched or Edited Files or ImagesAfter RetouchRetouching or Editing samples Before and After Samples                                                                                                                       

Do you need more than just the people being removed from the background? YES. Everyone deserves a great image and that is what retouching creates.

We remove the pieces of hair flying across your face or swirling up in the air from a gust…we take out those harsh red marks under your eyes from sunburn or the red in your eyes from the saltwater…we even remove the fake tattoos from children.

We soften the shine on your face, whiten your teeth and make you look the best we can. We are proud of our retouched/edited images and think you deserve only the best. So, Retouched it is…digital files or prints…we can retouch them all!

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Awesome Senior Photography on the Beach! Senior Portraits in Destin, FL Senior Portraits at the Beach!

Have your senior photos made while you are here in Destin or on the Beaches of Hwy 30-A, Panama City Beach or Ft. Walton Beach. 

We can come to you!

Senior Photos in waterSenior Photos in waterHave your senior pics made at the Beach! Mini and Full Sessions available. Senior Portraits that are different and reflect who you are!

NO sitting Fees!  

Graduation Senior Session for sunset or sunrise includes numerous outfits & locations.

 Purchase prints, digital files or custom graduation announcements!


 Basic Senior Session

30 minutes (you come to our beach)

2 outfits 


 Sunrise or Sunset Senior Session

60 minutes

4 outfits, clothing changes and locations.


Senior Experience Session 

75-90 minutes

includes the digital images, numerous clothing changes,

and props. Several Beach and Resort locations.


Call us for more info.


  senior portraits Destin FL

Great Locations!

We have some great places to photograph here at Seascape Resort in Destin or we can come to you!

A lake, gazebo, palm trees, tiki huts, boardwalks and of course the white sand of Miramar Beach in Destin!


Bring lots of outfits!

We can help you choose the best ones for your senior photos and you can change several times for no extra fee on the full session.


The majority of seniors decide to do it after they get here!

So, what a great excuse to hit Silver Sands Outlet Mall or some of Destin’s great shopping areas like the Destin Commons and The Grand Boulevard! 

senior graduation photos on the beach

Bring your Stuff. Your ride, guitar, skateboard, surf board, bathing suit, hat, or what ever says “You”!

senior year portraits Seaside FLBlack and White Senior Photos

What to wear?

Girls should choose a dressy outfit, think short prom dress or a less formal dress, a great casual beach look, some cute shorts and flowing top. (avoid ruffles)

Jeans, dressy top & hats are great.

Choose an outfit just for fun, and of course remember your sunglasses!

 Forget the shoes except for some shots off the beach. 


Guys… jeans and shorts are classic, a button down oxford in more than one color. Several polo type shirts, your swim trunks, flip flops, and your favorite hat.

Khaki pants and solid dress shirts and your car! 


Call us today for info and to book your senior photography session at the beach!


Senior Photographs printed on custom Fine Art Watercolor Paper, Black and White Portraits, and Custom Announcements and Thank You Cards.


Foil embossed logo for thank you cards and invites. Make your senior announcements stand out!


Foil embossed thank you cards and graduation announcements and invitations.

Senior Grad cards foil pressedSenior Grad cards foil pressed silver foilShaped cards from senior beach photos High School Senior Photo cards from the beachSenior Graduation Cards with Grad stamped in color foil to match your school colorsLet us design a custom graduation card with your beach photos and school colors in new foil stamped. Two sided graduation card designgraduation cards design choose foil color custom designs Senior Grad Cards with color foil stamped

Seaside Senior Photos on contact cards for graduation! Replace the traditional wallet in your invite to your business card!

Return address labels in custom die shape stickers for graduation card envelopes
Graduation Labels for InvitesReturn Address label senior invitationsSenior Portrait on your return address labels



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Book Your Summer Beach Photography Session Today! beach treasure family beach photos Destin FLSummer Beach Portraits Classic ClothingPerfect clothing for summer beach sitting.

Summer is just around the corner! Are you booking your next vacation to Destin or Florida's Emerald Coast? Now is the perfect time to book your beach photography session!

We have had a great start to the new season and the weather is beautiful here on the Gulf Coast. Sessions are starting to book so if you have your dates in mind, feel free to contact us and reserve your date for family vacation beach photos for Summer.

Our beach photography sessions do not require a sitting fee. This saves you money and allows you to get portraits or digital files for your entire investment. We limit our sessions to sunset and sunrise so we have a minimum order based on the number of people in each photography sitting.

Check out our Prices Page for the details on our photography rates for beach photo sessions.  We also have our prices listed for our custom products that include digital files on a flash drive and finished professional wall portraits from our lab.

We look forward to hearing from you! Book early to reserve your space. All reservation fees will be returned if you are unable to come to the beach, so no worries! Book with us today. Click on our contact page to send us an email. 

We want to be your personal vacation Destin Beach photographers. Happy Summer!


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Why A Sunrise Beach Photography Session? Top 10 reasons why you should choose sunrise for photos sunrise session Ft. Walton Beach FLBaby on the beach Destin sunrise session Babies on the beach! Love the hat 

1.   No crowds!!! There are not many people on the beach. Everyone is still in bed asleep!


2.   We will come to you! At sunrise we can come to your condo and find plenty of perfect places to photograph.

3.   It is so much cooler and usually less windy! The day is just starting so the heat has not yet built up and mornings are not usually as muggy and sticky feeling. Evenings are usually more windy.

4.   Kids are happier! Most children wake up early and are ready to go! Children are not as happy in the late evening…. they are tired and it is getting near their bedtime.

5.   The light is beautiful! Early morning light is soft and the water looks great!

6.   We see more of nature and wildlife in the morning! ….dolphins, fish, seagulls, pelicans and even rainbows appear. It is amazing how quiet and peaceful the beach is that early!

7.   The session is done and you have the rest of the day to play! ...or you can get an early start on the trip home! Make it a special breakfast out before the crowds pour in!

8.   We can do more candid images and play more! As the sun is getting brighter instead of running out of light.

9.   Save Money! Sunrise Session Have Big Discounts! Ask us about the weekly sunrise only specials and digital files or DVD (Flash Drive) only sessions.

10. Sessions are more available! You can usually book a sunrise at the last minute although they are getting more popular, so contact us today!


11. I know that is more than 10! Consider this...few beach photographers are willing to get up and actually work that early so you are getting even more personal attention from two professional beach portrait photographers...don't let anyone tell you a sunrise session is not the best! This is just 10 reasons why...find out for yourself!  See a spectacular sunrise on the beach and let us capture the memories.


joy on the beach, Seaside Florida Beach Portraitssummer sunrise sittings are great!

Walking with Dad at sunrise beach SittingFt. Walton Beach Sunrise Photo Sitting
candid-beach-photos-WaterColorSunsrise Session Hwy 30ASisters share a moment during sunrise beach session
Romantic Couple on the beach at sunriseEarly Morning Joy! Santa Rosa Beach Couples Session



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Laughter...It Makes Our Jobs So Much Fun! Lifestyle Beach Sessions. We have such a great time during our beach photography sessions, I thought it would be fun to share some of the highlights caught on camera from last year. We have so much fun making people laugh and getting the best expressions that are genuine and happy but we also get a lot of help.


Kids seem to come alive when they are behind us with antics that make everyone giggle especially when it comes to making Mom and Dad laugh. Happiness abounds during our sessions and we love it. We love children and families of all kinds....and we love the help! If you are still wondering if a beach photo session is boring, and stiff check out these photos of us in action!   

  Sessionfun4webSessionfun4web Smiles from beach photo fun Smiles from beach photo fun Smiles from beach photo fun Smiles from beach photo fun

Book Your Family Beach Session Now for Memories that last a lifetime! 

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Retouched and Enhanced Beach Photography with No sitting fees?  

Retouched Beach Portraits with no sitting fee? 

Are we worth it? We guarantee we will give you our very best. As our clients you get two seasoned professional beach photographers, our undivided attention, and hours of work after the session on our computers making you look great! …yet you are still NOT paying a sitting fee!


Sitting fees here at the beach can be several hundred dollars per session from other photographers but we want you to get portraits for your money. We come to you, we worry about the other people, weather, backgrounds, expressions, posing, wind, light and most important getting real portraits …with no session fees!

affordable beach photos summer photography sessions crab trap destin Fl

Our print prices are based on Retouched Images...we take the time to actually work on each photograph. All of our photos will be professionally retouched and enhanced. We will soften around your eyes, remove acne, whiten teeth, fix hair, remove bruises, take people from the background, and straighten horizon lines to just name a few of the things we do to make you and your family look great in the final product with no extra fees!


You can even purchase your printable DVD or digital files with professional retouching. Few photographers offer this option. Our retouched DVD and flash drive is like getting a potential wall portrait from every file so, is it too expensive? We don’t think so. We think is a great deal! You can create endless things from each is a great value.


Some photographers are letting them go for a lump sum...that cost a lot less…we simply can’t offer it... and believe me... you don’t want their digital files…out of focus faces, sloppy poses, sun flare and slanted horizon lines and no retouching options. What you want to receive are digital files that can be printed as large wall portraits and look great every time...and with us that is what you get!


So, smile! You can still get a professionally retouched and edited beach portrait or digital file that will be cherished for generations!


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Should I buy prints from my beach photos anymore? Do I need them? I have the digital files. Where will your beach photos be in the future?

Thinking of getting the CD of digital files? Great…you will love it…just make sure you have them printed from a professional lab! Don’t trust your memories to a memory card, flash drive or DVD!

We recently lost Ray’s Mother and it was an emotional experience as you can imagine. His family had planned her funeral and many of the details ahead of time as she had been sick for some time.

As we waited for family to arrive from other states…we had the pleasure of taking our time and choosing the perfect images for her slideshow at the funeral and what wonderful memories they were….we did not grab our phones, our IPads or even turn on the computer ….(although it was a great help in copying the ones we all wanted to keep afterward). Instead, we looked at beautiful albums and boxes filled with love.

Choose to print photos so you can have memories to hold on to.Cherished Family PhotosCherished Family Memories

What struck me the most was the ability to pick each one up and hold it and pass it around so everyone could share the memories.  Are we going to be able to do that in the future? I loved the physical presence of the photos themselves…yes, the slideshow turned out beautifully but it was because we had such great images to choose from.

Sure, we are lucky to have two professional photographers in the family, but a lot of them were made because someone…not always Ray had taken the time to record the fun, laughter, and even the sad times.

So, make sure you are capturing your family memories and updating your family photos and most of all make sure you print them on paper for future generations to cherish and hold on to and feel the love….it would not have been the same trying to pass around a tiny phone with her life captured there…printed portraits and photos are forever.

Let us help you capture those memories and preserve them with our printed portraits from our professional lab" Printed Photographs are for Preserving...Digital Files are for Sharing" make sure you have both!

Hathorn family Ray Hathorn on far right (little boy)

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Should you purchase the Printable CD, or flash drive from my photo session? or get Prints Are you looking for the digital files? CD or flash drive or your beach session? Is that all we sell? We analyzed all the data from our beach photography sessions last season and the results were surprising.

We thought we had sold a lot of digital images during the summer photography season but actually it was evenly split among the families that purchased the flash drive of printable digital files over the ones choosing the more traditional lab printed portraits.

I wondered why. Did they just not ever get around to getting the images on CD printed?...too much trouble? or did they want something better than their local pharmacy could produce?

I think it comes down to wanting something better. Our quality and craftsmanship cannot be easily obtained just by having the CD or flash drive...even though the images are great, the printed version can vary.

Most of the beach photo customers were looking for that one piece of art for their home, so having the CD was not the complete package. We found that most of our clients chose at least one wall portrait even if they did buy the CD, so we want to offer our clients the best of both worlds. fine art paper finishfine art paper finish on linen watercolor paperArt printed from your family beach photographs.  

This season we are offering our beach photography clients the opportunity to purchase the DVD or flash drive and receive a bonus discount off our printed portraits. Why the big price cut? We want you to get the wall portrait you imagined and ordering it at the warehouse club may not be what you had in mind.

Awesome Wall Portraits on Archival Top Quality Canvas that will be cherished for generations! Order a wall portrait from your family beach photos and decorate your home in addition to your Facebook page! Printed wall portraits make you smile every time you enter the room!

We take pride in offering quality wall portraits with professional retouching and enhancements that take hours to complete and we want you to order it from us and our professional lab. So go ahead...get those digital files so you can share them online, but get your family heirloom portrait from us! 

By the way, about half of our beach portrait clients that purchased the digital files still had us create a wall portrait and custom beach collage from our pro lab. We also sold a lot of smaller desk sized photos and even custom one oa a kind cards.

Canvas on masonite beat out the more modern gallery wraps for beach wall portraits and the most popular size sold was our canvas 20x24 and 20x30 wall portrait. 

I guess no matter how modern we get, we still come back to the classics like professional photography, canvas wall portraits, and traditional printed desk portraits.

Thank you for making it a great year and we hope to get you exactly what you are dreaming of from your next beach photo session! Check out our printable prices for the details on the Digital File Print Bonus Offer! 

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Discounted Snowbird Beach Photo Sessions snowbirds checking off portraits on the beach from their bucket list

Snowbird and Baby Boomer Portrait Sessions


Last month we had the honor of photographing a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary and another couple that had retired and beach portraits were on her bucket list!

We were so happy to help someone accomplish one of their dreams. The images were great and the family will have these wonderful memories and portraits to cherish forever of this loving couple. It is that time of year again here at the beach, snowbird arrival!

We are so blessed with all those boomers and retirees from “Up North” as we like to put it! Wow, what a great bunch of people that have all accomplished so much and given a great deal to their spouses, families, communities and our country over the years. We want to honor them with portraits of their golden years.

Many people in this generation are not used to having portraits taken of them selves and we want to change that and make them feel treasured. We are offering a Snowbird Special to any visitor that considers themselves a Baby Boomer or Snowbird.  Call us or email and let us know what you have in mind for your session and maybe we can help you cross off another “to do” on your bucket list.

We offer digital files for those tech savvy seniors, prints of all sizes, wall portraits and albums….we even have a great line of note cards and seasonal cards…get your Christmas cards done early this year and share a great memory with your entire family.


For more information on Senior Sessions call 850-654-8895 or send us an email from our contact page!

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Update Your Online Profile with Professional Photos  

Look Better with Real Professional Photographs Online.

beach head shot

One of my best friends is single and looking so, I recently convinced her to try online dating. We uploaded her new professional head shot and several other pics to give her the best chance to look her best. Wow, she looked great!


So, now we thought “who will she be matched with and what will he be like?” Well, we were very surprised to see her matches and their profile pictures. We looked at tons of potential matches and they seemed to have a serious common problem…their uploaded photos were terrible!


They were either wearing dark or mirrored sunglasses, were very far away in a crowd …or dressed great but cropped strangely with someone else’s head or arms still in the photo….like they had cropped out their ex wife or girlfriend.


These images were deal breakers. You could not tell anything about the men or their personalities from these photos. They are often out of focus, and grainy. And the worst of all….I was shocked to see all of the ones made from their cell phone in front of the bathroom mirror showing their bachelor bathrooms and their phone in front of their faces! How desperate looking can you get? 


My other favorite theme was photos of men in sunglasses holding a large fish they had caught…don’t get me wrong…fishing is cool, but this should not be your only profile photo, we had no idea what he really looked like…the fish looked great!


So, from all of this I have gathered that most single men do not have good photos of themselves in digital or prints. Another observation is that the ones they do have were made by friends and usually involve a weekend adventure and muscles, fishing or on a boat or at a wedding with other people cut out.  


Why are men so reluctant to hire a professional and get some really great photos to use on their profile page or even professionally in their job later? I know men hate to have their picture made…however ironically it is usually the man that books the family beach session! Imagine that…anyway, single men seem to really hate it or they just do not realize how bad the photos they have in their phone of themselves really are.


We would like to help! If you are thinking of trying a new online dating website or just updating your Facebook profile…we can make you look great! In the upcoming months we will be offering a special for single people looking to find love… a portrait session that will be on location like the beach! (no boring, fake backgrounds). If you know of a guy or girl that could use a little help with their match profile photo give us a call. Happy dating!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month..Fight the big fight! Pink Cancer shot

Special Breast Cancer Awareness Images as Reminders for us to share in the fight!

It is that time of year again…time to get out there and volunteer or at least give to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund, the American Cancer Society, or the Relay for Life.  

I wanted to take a moment today to remind you about raising money for this worthy cause. The photos of this lovely lady are actually a special client. We were contacted by her last fall after she traveled to the beach for some solace and comfort after discovering she has aggressive breast cancer. As a young, single, mother of two small boys she chose to come to the beach as it is her place to feel closer to God, and she needed a weekend with God before her struggle began.

During the session, her thoughts were focused more on her boys and Mom than herself. We attempted to capture her wonderful glory with her beautiful dark hair and statuesque body in some dramatic portraits that held a special “pink” focus.

She is a professional dancer and dreams of performing again. Keep our friends like her in your thoughts and prayers. May God Bless and comfort them in their long battle and may these images serve as a reminder to us all about the precious gift of loved ones in our lives. Please pray for all the people struggling with this terrible disease and donate to your local breast cancer awareness fundraiser today!


Pink cancer balloons


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