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Let us capture your special moments at the beach and on vacation! Angel FaceMommy's Beach Angel from Candid Portraits good reviews and thank you for beach photo session 30A photographerReviews of beach portrait photography.card sent by client thank you for beach photos.  

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on our beach photo sessions and family photographs on the beach.  We dearly love our jobs as portrait photographers and are always thrilled to hear we are making our clients   happy and exceeding their expectations!

It is an honor that you have trusted us with your treasured vacation memories.  The highest compliment we can receive is your referral.

See what our clients have to say about us below!

Experience Our Luxury Beach Photography on the Emerald Coast!

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  • Absolutely breathtaking!! I do not have words to tell you what an awesome experience we had with you guys and what a remarkable job you and Ray did! Please tell him how much I appreciate his gift to me! Julie, MS                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Words cannot express how grateful we are that you photographed our wedding portraits. It meant so much to us and the pictures are absolutely beautiful! ...So fun and relaxed and the kids loved it too! See you in a few years! Stacy TN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  •  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how ecstatic I am about the photos! They are FANTASTIC!! I am preparing my order now!  Jennifer, MS                                                                           
  • They all look great! You do great work. I never look that good! Thanks You both. Marybeth, MO 
  • Leslie, I am SPEECHLESS, and of course, bawling my eyes out at work! We will getting back to you soon. THANK YOU!!! Kara, TX


  • Thank you both very much for an enjoyable portrait session on the beach. The cards and portraits are wonderful! Thank you for doing excellent work. Kay, FL


  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. We are SO happy with our pictures! See you in a couple of years! Thanks, Angie, MS


  • Hi Leslie! Thanks so much for the proofs online. They're gorgeous! We will let you know when we're in agreement about what our our order is. All the best, Julia, NC


  • The photo of us on the beach was AWESOME!  Jim and I were blown away at how good it looked (how good YOU made US look) and Everyone one at the anniversary celebration this evening loved it!!  Thank you for helping to make our special day more wonderful than we ever expected !! Forever grateful, Pam​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Excellent reviews on beach pictures.Thank you review from beach photosThank you card from happy client!


  • I appreciate that you are having to go the “extra mile” on this wall portrait for me.  I can’t thank you enough for being so understanding and willing to help. Thanks again Sue, TX 


  • Oh wow they turned out so great !!! I love all of them !! I will get with the rest of the family to see what we are going to do ordering wise - there's so many good ones it will be hard to choose! Morgan, AR 


  •  Oh my goodness !!! They are amazing !!!!!!! My poor poor husband, lol !!   I will show him tonight when he gets home. Thanks for such a great job !!!! I will get back with you to place my order. I do know I want the flash drive of all the pictures and a canvas wrap + more. It's like Christmas! love them!  Kathy, GA                                                                                   
  • Great-thanks so much for everything! You both are very talented-everyone that I have showed our proofs to are in awe of how natural they are! Sue, TX                                                       
  • Hi,Leslie! Whew,it was tough to pick out the pictures we wanted.....there were so many good ones!!! Thanks all are a wonderful professional and so likable!!!  It was a pleasure!!! Fonda, IN                                                                            


  • Having a beach portrait made with my husband has been on my bucket list and I am just thrilled I chose you to do them. What a great experience and we love the images! Karen, MI


  • Leslie, the pictures are gorgeous! You have quite a talent!!! I will tell all my friends that come to the beach. Thank you! Tara, GA                                                                                      
  • Hi,Leslie! Just wanted to let you know our beautiful beach photos arrived safe and sound today!!!  They are lovely!!!  Thanks again for all have been a pleasure!!! Take care and thanks again so much!!!  Love our pics!!! M.J.


  • Hi Leslie,

    I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate what you both did for us more than you will ever know. Words cannot express our gratitude for the gift you gave us.. we already have enjoyed the portraits so much and now Jamie and I will continue to cherish the photos for the rest of our lives. You both are such a blessing to us ~ Dee and Jamie 


  • Dear Leslie, Thank you for everything. I received my order and it is top notch. Sincerely,  S. Atkins, LA

  • I can't stop looking at them! I am just thrilled! My kids have never looked like this in photos! Can I get a price for them all? Samantha, GA


  • Oh my gosh ...Mr Ray & Mrs Leslie ...thank you so much. They are absolutely fantastic and even better than what I was expecting. Your work is such talent and such a blessing .....I love them all. I never even like pics of me and I love every single one of them.  Behind every gorgeous portrait ....stands a terrific, awesome, heavenly-gifted, top-notch Photographer!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! GOD BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU Christy, AL


  • Love, love, love the pictures!  I so glad we did the photo session with you guys!  Thanks for getting them to us so fast.  It's going to be hard to decide which ones we want. D. Conner, IN


  • We are very happy with how they turned out, especially my Mom, so thanks a million for that.  You guys really went beyond expectations and I'd be happy to recommend you. You made it a really fun outing as well. Carol S.


  • Love, love, love the pictures!  Already picking my favorites! Thanks, M. Bryan, LA


  • We look forward to receiving the flash drive!  Thank you so much!  The beach pictures were wonderful of our family and we so appreciate all your work in photographing us during our time at the beach.  It looks great!  We appreciate your work and will want to do it again in the future. M.J.


  • Thank you Leslie - super excited and our first look through is wonderful!  I will let you know soon on our choices. Cheers, Melissa


  •  We are so excited! I love the pictures you made! We will call you again for our next vacation beach photos so don't retire any time soon.   Thanks for the enjoyable experience! L. Steel, MO


  • Perry and I wanted to thank you for a fun experience last night with our photo shoot. It was so nice to meet you both and we appreciate you working with us to have a treasured reminder of our fun at the beautiful Miramar Beach. Debbie, MS


  • I love, love, love the card you designed for us! Thanks so much! They are incredible. Could not get these cards online if I wanted too! Holly, NY


  • I received my pictures today. They look great! I am so pleased with them. Thank you for such a good job with the beach photos. You were so good with us with the sitting and with our purchases. I will remember you the next time we need beach portraits. Carol, MS


  • Bill and I are VERY impressed with your ability to produce photos of us that are actually better than good. Thank you so much.  We are so glad we had this done, and we have been telling everyone about what a fun time we had, which was an unexpected benefit of the session. Sharon, AL


  • Thanks so much for a great session!We are so excited to see the proof's. :) We are back in Nashville and had a great trip. Thanks again! Jennifer, TN


  • ...the feedback from everyone is overwhelming!  The entire family loves all the pictures! And they were cursing me for having to get up so early on vacation! Sunrise is the way to go! Cassidy, LA


  • Wow, this was so much more enjoyable than I thought. My husband was not thrilled about having his photos made on vacation…but he really opened up and got into it and is telling everyone we know how great it was. If you are thinking about beach portraits do it! Sasha, TX

family beach photographersfamily beach photographers

  • Again, thank you both for working with us. The photos are beautiful and will be treasures in our family for generations. We will see you again on the beach for more portraits in a year or two! Laney, TN


  • The pictures are amazing! Dwayne and I are sooo happy with them. Thank you all so much for meeting us here at the condo.We so appreciate it. And we thank you for the amazing experience. Sherry, AL


  • Oh my goodness! They turned out so beautiful! The water looks amazing in them! Now, to pour over them and make decisions! Thanks again! Jane, MS


  • We received our pictures & they are incredible!! I spent all weekend framing & hanging!  My mother-in-law has not seen her large portrait yet, but she is going to be thrilled!! Megan, AR


  • I can’t wait to see them when we get back home! You and Ray are wonderful….never thought a photo session could be so much fun and relaxed. We are already talking about our next beach photography session! Allison, TX


  • Leslie and Ray are awesome. They are such talented photographers and so cordial to the kids. I was so worried about the toddlers but, Leslie is incredible with them! I have never had such good images of the twins before. I wish they lived in our town! Claire, OH


  • Hi! I totally fell in love with your family beach portraits!!! They are amazing! I can’t wait for our next beach photo session! Christina, FL

Treasured Moments from beach portraits made by professional photography team. Don't trust your memories to anyone else! Little girl with white bucketLooking for a beach treasure, classic beach photos from your beach session! Creating Wall Portraits Daily!

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy looking at your pictures on the internet and how excited I am about having our pictures taken on the beach!  Rebecca, OK


  • I really thought this whole…. pictures at the beach thing was going to be torture…and well, I was wrong. It was so easy and I really had a good time. Thank you for making it a great experience for us all. I will tell everyone to use ya’ll.  Bob, MO


  • My husband and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had at our session. The pictures are beautiful and I can’t wait to show them to everyone.  Cindy, GA


  • Oh my goodness…I just saw our beach portraits on your website and I cried! I am so happy! They are wonderful…and my kids never look wonderful in photos. You really captured their souls. I don’t know how I am going to decide! I may be making payments!!!  Emily, AR

  • I chose you from Google for your five star rating and wow! I would give you more stars if I could! You two are the best! We loved it! Excellent!!! Monique, TX


  • You two are the best! Wow! It was more fun and relaxing than I thought and the photos are wonderful! I want them all! Sarah, MO


  • We are in Watercolor. We have had you do our family pictures several times before and I can't wait for another wonderful experience!  Missy, LA


  • Leslie has a special talent with toddlers…wow her patience is incredible. I have never had really good expressions from my daughter before now! Megan, NC


  • Just a quick note to let you know we received the flash drive and can hardly wait to share the photos with our family in Louisiana! Brenda, LA


  • The pictures turned out wonderful and we had such a hard time making our selections. We have such fond memories of Destin with our family and the pictures truly bring this to light. Thank You. Tracy, TX


  • We just saw our portraits online and they are wonderful! You two are truly professionals and we are just thrilled with them. Bob, Canada

Let us capture those faces you love!Little boy in bluelittle man on the beach, fun, relaxed beach sessions.

  • I wish I could buy them all! Such an awesome experience! Thank You Leslie and Ray…God blessed you both with such talent! Lucy, MS


  • Thank you two again for working with Colby…no other photographer has captured him like you. He is special and you were wonderful with him...we realize the great effort you put into it. Thank you for understanding and treating him so kind. Our patience was shot but you were great! Tiffany, GA


  • The package got here yesterday, in great shape...It felt a lot like Christmas unwrapping. I wrapped my 16 by 20 in a (lovely) tablecloth and have been running around town showing it off to friends (talk about a Grandmother's giant sized brag book)....anyway, better late than never. Pamela, TN


  • Hi Leslie,  I received my prints today and they look great- excellent work! Looking forward to displaying them. Susan, FL


  • We love the pictures Leslie!!!! We will work on picking out our favorites in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for fitting us into your schedule last week, you and Ray did a fantastic job! Jennifer, MO


  • Thanks again for a wonderful evening and photos that will provide very special memories.  Anita, OH


  • I picked up our 20x24 wall portrait from being framed today and the guy at the counter said they get a lot of beach portraits, but mine was the best he'd ever seen! :) Thought you might want to hear that.  Cristy, TX


  • Wow!!! You were so right…the 20x30 size is just perfect for the living room. I am planning my Christmas party this week so everyone will be able to see it and you may even get more orders!!! Thank you both again. Claire, KY


  • I was overwhelmed by the whole experience!! I have had professional photos made before but… this was so fun and relaxed ….we loved it. You made us feel like family and top models at the same time. Great work! Michaela, IN


  • I want to tell everyone how wonderful you are for the money! You treated us like royalty and the photographs are incredible…thank you both for a wonderful experience. Jenny, AL


  • Yeah!!! How did you make us look sooo good? It was so early (still dark outside) and you made us happy! We are not all morning people…but you would never know that from our portraits. I can’t wait to show the grandparents their gifts!!! Kasey, NC couple walking on the beach with reflectionsCouples love our romantic beach sessions! Celebrating an anniversary, milestone, or engagement? Let us capture those memories for you! Wall Art from your beach session.
  • So glad I finally talked the men in the family to having their portraits made...I have been wanting to do this for a long time and wow! It was even better than I imagined!  It was wonderful and we all had so much fun...I can't believe your patience with the children! Mary, MO


  • We had a great time and we can't wait to see them! Just wanted you to know the teenagers commented that it was actually better than they expected and they were happy we chose such "fun" photographers. Beverly, IL


  • WOW!! I am speechless. It has been six years since our last session with you and nothing has changed except these are even better than last time! I will drive to the beach just to have you take our family photos again! Bless you both. Jennifer, LA
  • My decorator said these simply must go on the wall! They are too wonderful! We are getting the large wall grouping and extra wraps for my bedroom! I can't wait to hang them! Brooke, AL​​​​​​​


  • ​​​​​​​Summer is here and that means our annual trip to the beach and of course our beach photos with you and Ray! Our walls are a blessing of memories and joy. We are excited to see you both again! Mary, IL


  • Amazing! You two are wonderful with kids and teens! We never thought they would act so well for you both. The images are beyond anything we ever expected. Thank you so much! Anna, TX