This generation will not have a photo history without printed photographs.

“I lost my flash drive….do you still have my beach portraits? This past week, a former client contacted me asking if I still had access to her beach pictures as she had lost them all. Really? Why? Did she not get them printed?

You have paid to have these wonderful images taken by a professional photographer and you do not have proof of the event other than a few shared images on Facebook?

I understand, I have been there. Time and life gets in the way.  Even as a photographer we tend to keep memories in a file on a hard drive…but now is the time to take action! Print your images today or even better, let us!

Are your memories on your walls or in your files? This is the most photographed generation ever, yet the images will not remain. They will not become a part of our history. Why are they disappearing? Estimates say they will not last beyond a year….a YEAR?

These moments get replaced with new moments and new interests…but where is the history? Photographs are no longer important enough to print…or are they? It is estimated that less that 1 out of 100,000 photographs taken today will actually end up being a printed photograph. Seriously?

You probably have countless pictures that are just randomly stored and no real way to access them easily. You probably plan to get them printed soon…only to realize it has been 4 years now and the kids are teens. So here is where we can help! Let us print those images for you! Let us help you get those images on your wall!

Do you have photos that you love and want to see them on display…send them to us!

We will tweak them and make them better and then send them to our pro lab. We can help you save the history of your family and the history of this generation. Professional photographers are becoming America’s historians. Order prints from your digital images today…before they are lost forever.