Are we losing our cultural heritage with digital images?


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There is a world-wide movement in photography today called “Print. The Movement” and it is based not only in science, but our cultural history. As citizens of the world, are we losing our heritage? Yes.

What will the millennials have to show their kids about what life was like for them while they were growing up? Nothing.

Well, maybe a version of their pictures from childhood and teen years on the cloud somewhere or wait, will the cloud even exist by then? What will they see, hold, touch? No real actual photographs? Sounds sad; but it is true.  

A wise man once said “wall portraits are like very fine furniture and we must treasure and treat them so”.  Do you have family wall portraits with your kids in them? What family heirloom are you passing down?

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We have portraits galore from my Mom’s childhood and we love it.  She is 80 now and a grandmother of eight! We know what she looked like, what she wore, and where she played. Thankfully her father, my grandfather was quite the photo buff and documented their lives on paper. We have tons of photos of the nieces and nephews but somewhere along about the year 2005 we stopped getting them printed. We were in the digital age and they were on CD’s.

We love looking at all those photographs and hearing their stories…opening Mom’s albums and boxes of photos is like stepping back in time with her.

Well, it has happened…the most photographed generation of all time is going to be left with nothing to actually hold and show one another. 

Your kids may be able to sit among your family and forefathers in the dining room at the very same table they once sat around telling stories like all the generations before, but something is missing. Where are the photos?  We have photographs of our family, our grandparents, even great grandparents and we can trace our family back to Ellis Island, Germany and Switzerland…we have photos to prove it. We can see our family eyes looking back at us over time and through generations. What are your wall portraits telling you?

Print Your Legacy, Print Your Photos!

Order a Wall Portrait or Start an album with actual, real photographs on paper. 

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