Breast Cancer Awareness Month..Fight the big fight!

Pink Cancer Awareness Month

Special Breast Cancer Awareness Images as Reminders for us to share in the fight!

It is that time of year again…time to get out there and volunteer or at least give to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund, the American Cancer Society, or the Relay for Life.  

I wanted to take a moment today to remind you about raising money for this worthy cause. The photos of this lovely lady are actually a special client. We were contacted by her last fall after she traveled to the beach for some solace and comfort after discovering she has aggressive breast cancer. As a young, single, mother of two small boys she chose to come to the beach as it is her place to feel closer to God, and she needed a weekend with God before her struggle began.

During the session, her thoughts were focused more on her boys and Mom than herself. We attempted to capture her wonderful glory with her beautiful dark hair and statuesque body in some dramatic portraits that held a special “pink” focus.

She is a professional dancer and dreams of performing again. Keep our friends like her in your thoughts and prayers. May God Bless and comfort them in their long battle and may these images serve as a reminder to us all about the precious gift of loved ones in our lives. Please pray for all the people struggling with this terrible disease and donate to your local breast cancer awareness fundraiser today!


Pink balloons