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beach head shot

One of my best friends is single and looking so, I recently convinced her to try online dating. We uploaded her new professional head shot and several other pics to give her the best chance to look her best. Wow, she looked great!


So, now we thought “who will she be matched with and what will he be like?” Well, we were very surprised to see her matches and their profile pictures. We looked at tons of potential matches and they seemed to have a serious common problem…their uploaded photos were terrible!


They were either wearing dark or mirrored sunglasses, were very far away in a crowd …or dressed great but cropped strangely with someone else’s head or arms still in the photo….like they had cropped out their ex wife or girlfriend.


These images were deal breakers. You could not tell anything about the men or their personalities from these photos. They are often out of focus, and grainy. And the worst of all….I was shocked to see all of the ones made from their cell phone in front of the bathroom mirror showing their bachelor bathrooms and their phone in front of their faces! How desperate looking can you get? 


My other favorite theme was photos of men in sunglasses holding a large fish they had caught…don’t get me wrong…fishing is cool, but this should not be your only profile photo, we had no idea what he really looked like…the fish looked great!


So, from all of this I have gathered that most single men do not have good photos of themselves in digital or prints. Another observation is that the ones they do have were made by friends and usually involve a weekend adventure and muscles, fishing or on a boat or at a wedding with other people cut out.  


Why are men so reluctant to hire a professional and get some really great photos to use on their profile page or even professionally in their job later? I know men hate to have their picture made…however ironically it is usually the man that books the family beach session! Imagine that…anyway, single men seem to really hate it or they just do not realize how bad the photos they have in their phone of themselves really are.


We would like to help! If you are thinking of trying a new online dating website or just updating your Facebook profile…we can make you look great! In the upcoming months we will be offering a special for single people looking to find love… a portrait session that will be on location like the beach! (no boring, fake backgrounds). If you know of a guy or girl that could use a little help with their match profile photo give us a call. Happy dating!