The Future of Photography and Digital Files. Where Are Your Memories Going To Be?

What About History and The Future of Your Treasured Family Beach Photos or Digital Files?

     Another professional photographer told a story recently...and it really made me stop and think. The photographer had just visited her local high school to give a talk and asked the students how many of them had actually printed out a photo recently. The response was not what she expected…no one raised their hand. So what?…you ask.

     Well the point is this…if we are not printing them out then, where will they all be in several years? Where is the history? We all have those cherished photos of family members we can physically hold in our hands and see the likeness and family traits.

     What are your kids going to be holding? Outdated digital devices that have gone the way of the eight track or the VCR? Have you had to pay to get your home movies put on DVD’s? Well what about CD’s and DVD’s? Are we not turning toward a download society?

     I recently upgraded my cell phone and was upset to realize my favorite photo that was my cover page would be lost after I got the new phone …is this where our memories are going? Too late to upload to another device so it is lost forever?  

     If you are finding yourself with a lot of CD’s and images on your computer…think about a possible crash and where are all those images going? A cloud? Are we really trusting our memories to cyber space?

     The first thing people grab when the house is on fire or is flooding is their family photos. Are you and your kids going to be carrying all this digital equipment instead? “Our summer vacations and your graduation photos are on here …but I can’t get them printed out now” as they no longer make my IPad.

Destin FL Family Beach Photographymemories to last forever! they grow up so fast!Destin, FL Family Beach photographers

     So, if you are thinking of getting the digital files? Great. Just make sure you print some to hold in your hands or put in a real photo album or you may be trying to find someone that can tell you what is on that thing we used to call a CD or IPad. We are happy to help you document history but, we can’t make you order the prints. You are responsible for printing out the future historical documentation of the lives of your family.

     Invest in a good archival album and some great wall portraits and leave the CD’s in the safety deposit as a back up to your “Real Portraits". We have the best lab in the country and can even retouch the files for you. Our products will still be around for your grandchildren to see and compare. 

Get them printed before it is too late from a professional!


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