Why A Sunrise Beach Photography Session? Top 10 reasons why you should choose sunrise for photos

sunrise session Ft. Walton Beach FLBaby on the beach Destin sunrise session Babies on the beach! Love the hat 

1.   No crowds!!! There are not many people on the beach. Everyone is still in bed asleep!


2.   We will come to you! At sunrise we can come to your condo and find plenty of perfect places to photograph.

3.   It is so much cooler and usually less windy! The day is just starting so the heat has not yet built up and mornings are not usually as muggy and sticky feeling. Evenings are usually more windy.

4.   Kids are happier! Most children wake up early and are ready to go! Children are not as happy in the late evening…. they are tired and it is getting near their bedtime.

5.   The light is beautiful! Early morning light is soft and the water looks great!

6.   We see more of nature and wildlife in the morning! ….dolphins, fish, seagulls, pelicans and even rainbows appear. It is amazing how quiet and peaceful the beach is that early!

7.   The session is done and you have the rest of the day to play! ...or you can get an early start on the trip home! Make it a special breakfast out before the crowds pour in!

8.   We can do more candid images and play more! As the sun is getting brighter instead of running out of light.

9.   Save Money! Sunrise Session Have Big Discounts! Ask us about the weekly sunrise only specials and digital files or DVD (Flash Drive) only sessions.

10. Sessions are more available! You can usually book a sunrise at the last minute although they are getting more popular, so contact us today!


11. I know that is more than 10! Consider this...few beach photographers are willing to get up and actually work that early so you are getting even more personal attention from two professional beach portrait photographers...don't let anyone tell you a sunrise session is not the best! This is just 10 reasons why...find out for yourself!  See a spectacular sunrise on the beach and let us capture the memories.


joy on the beach, Seaside Florida Beach Portraitssummer sunrise sittings are great!

Walking with Dad at sunrise beach SittingFt. Walton Beach Sunrise Photo Sitting
candid-beach-photos-WaterColorSunsrise Session Hwy 30ASisters share a moment during sunrise beach session
Romantic Couple on the beach at sunriseEarly Morning Joy! Santa Rosa Beach Couples Session




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