New Prices and Products For Professional Vacation Photos At The Beach

Hello! Welcome to our beach photography website! We have made some awesome changes to our products and prices and we are excited to offer you the high quality and value you expect from your beach portrait session.

We have changed our prices for the summer vacation photography season in the hopes that is would be simpler to use, and easier to follow. We know how overwhelming shopping after the session can be! With hundreds of photographic products out there…we chose to offer the classics, those timeless pieces that you will enjoy for generations to come.

Canvas, Fine Art Watercolor Paper and Classic Photo Luster Paper. We have samples in our studio that have been with us for more than 30 years and they still look wonderful so we are going to focus on those! If you are interested in other products not listed on our new price list, please contact us for more information and price quotes.


Big News on Digital Files!

Flash Drive webFlash Drive Digital FilesWe offer flash drives with retouchedand edited photos for your own printing.

We are now offering digital files with a choice. You can order them to include retouching if you like. We combined the retouching fee to the image price so you are now getting the best of both worlds. You can choose to purchase them retouched or choose to get a few edited or retouched. We want you to be proud of the images you share or get printed on your own. Check out our new prices and keep in mind that we are going to make you look great in them all!

Extensive retouching fees will continue on body slimming, head and face swaps and anything that really requires some detailed time to retouch. Changing the water color, sky color or removing heavy seaweed will be considered extensive as well.

Call us and get a quote on putting your ideas to work. We look forward to capturing your family vacation memories on the beach this summer!