What is your Online Image? What does it say about YOU? Personal Branding ...We can help!

What does your image online look like? Is it a great professional head shot or one that is a little blurry with your husband cut out? Personal Branding is not just another tech buzzword. It is your online impression. I recently decided I was probably sending the wrong message to potential clients when I did not even include a photograph of myself on my LinkedIn profile. 

Honestly, as a photographer and professional photoshop expert, I always made excuses for not having a portrait good enough to publish, so I did it! I had Ray take some of me at my art gallery location. I have added it to my social media sites, and business cards.  Beach Art by Leslie Gallery WallOne of my latest paintings located in Retail Therapy Gallery in Destin FL

Personal branding essentially means how we go about marketing ourselves to the world. How do people describe you to others? Do they use words like strong, capable, trustworthy, great business mind, fun, creative? All of these ideas are part of your brand...those descriptive words that make you special.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words...well what does the blank icon with no actual photo say about me? Are they getting the fun, energized, happy and hardworking creative Leslie or just a blank question mark?  Beach Art By LeslieGallery Wall

I am a professional artist as well as photographer and I spend a great deal of my time especially in the winter months creating artworks that I am proud to show off and sell. Nothing excites me more than seeing where one of my creations has been sold from our local gallery.

Do they know what I am like? Did they try and imagine the artist as she created it? Well, now they don't have to imagine me. So are your clients having to imagine you? 

We can help! We are offering clients a new way to brand themselves online and in print. We will take your photograph in a scenic setting or in your office or like me where you "create". My easel and paint splattered studio is great...but so is my wall at the gallery! We can come to you and get those outstanding portraits that will make you stand out from the crowd and improve your brand. 

According to online branding specialists...(yes that is a job)...you need a great photograph or several that tell the story of you. Do you have one on your business card? 

Website? Social Media? Corporations know the importance of personal branding and pay us to create great images of their employees so what about you? The small business owner or artist? Realtor? Professional House Painter or Landscaper? Do you have a personal brand? 

Personal brand PhotoLocal Artist Local Artist and Creative Soul on her branding

Local Artist and her new branding Photos

Commercial Photo Leather Artist profile Photo


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