Should you purchase the Printable CD, or flash drive from my photo session? or get Prints

Are you looking for the digital files? CD or flash drive or your beach session? Is that all we sell? We analyzed all the data from our beach photography sessions last season and the results were surprising.

We thought we had sold a lot of digital images during the summer photography season but actually it was evenly split among the families that purchased the flash drive of printable digital files over the ones choosing the more traditional lab printed portraits.

I wondered why. Did they just not ever get around to getting the images on CD printed?...too much trouble? or did they want something better than their local pharmacy could produce?

I think it comes down to wanting something better. Our quality and craftsmanship cannot be easily obtained just by having the CD or flash drive...even though the images are great, the printed version can vary.

Most of the beach photo customers were looking for that one piece of art for their home, so having the CD was not the complete package. We found that most of our clients chose at least one wall portrait even if they did buy the CD, so we want to offer our clients the best of both worlds. fine art paper finishfine art paper finish on linen watercolor paperArt printed from your family beach photographs.  

This season we are offering our beach photography clients the opportunity to purchase the DVD or flash drive and receive a bonus discount off our printed portraits. Why the big price cut? We want you to get the wall portrait you imagined and ordering it at the warehouse club may not be what you had in mind.

Awesome Wall Portraits on Archival Top Quality Canvas that will be cherished for generations! Order a wall portrait from your family beach photos and decorate your home in addition to your Facebook page! Printed wall portraits make you smile every time you enter the room!

We take pride in offering quality wall portraits with professional retouching and enhancements that take hours to complete and we want you to order it from us and our professional lab. So go ahead...get those digital files so you can share them online, but get your family heirloom portrait from us! 

By the way, about half of our beach portrait clients that purchased the digital files still had us create a wall portrait and custom beach collage from our pro lab. We also sold a lot of smaller desk sized photos and even custom one oa a kind cards.

Canvas on masonite beat out the more modern gallery wraps for beach wall portraits and the most popular size sold was our canvas 20x24 and 20x30 wall portrait. 

I guess no matter how modern we get, we still come back to the classics like professional photography, canvas wall portraits, and traditional printed desk portraits.

Thank you for making it a great year and we hope to get you exactly what you are dreaming of from your next beach photo session! Check out our printable prices for the details on the Digital File Print Bonus Offer! 


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