Should I buy prints from my beach photos anymore? Do I need them? I have the digital files.

Where will your beach photos be in the future?

Thinking of getting the CD of digital files? Great…you will love it…just make sure you have them printed from a professional lab! Don’t trust your memories to a memory card, flash drive or DVD!

We recently lost Ray’s Mother and it was an emotional experience as you can imagine. His family had planned her funeral and many of the details ahead of time as she had been sick for some time.

As we waited for family to arrive from other states…we had the pleasure of taking our time and choosing the perfect images for her slideshow at the funeral and what wonderful memories they were….we did not grab our phones, our IPads or even turn on the computer ….(although it was a great help in copying the ones we all wanted to keep afterward). Instead, we looked at beautiful albums and boxes filled with love.

Choose to print photos so you can have memories to hold on to.Cherished Family PhotosCherished Family Memories

What struck me the most was the ability to pick each one up and hold it and pass it around so everyone could share the memories.  Are we going to be able to do that in the future? I loved the physical presence of the photos themselves…yes, the slideshow turned out beautifully but it was because we had such great images to choose from.

Sure, we are lucky to have two professional photographers in the family, but a lot of them were made because someone…not always Ray had taken the time to record the fun, laughter, and even the sad times.

So, make sure you are capturing your family memories and updating your family photos and most of all make sure you print them on paper for future generations to cherish and hold on to and feel the love….it would not have been the same trying to pass around a tiny phone with her life captured there…printed portraits and photos are forever.

Let us help you capture those memories and preserve them with our printed portraits from our professional lab" Printed Photographs are for Preserving...Digital Files are for Sharing" make sure you have both!

Hathorn family Ray Hathorn on far right (little boy)


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