Retouched and Enhanced Beach Photography with No sitting fees?


Retouched Beach Portraits with no sitting fee? 

Are we worth it? We guarantee we will give you our very best. As our clients you get two seasoned professional beach photographers, our undivided attention, and hours of work after the session on our computers making you look great! …yet you are still NOT paying a sitting fee!


Sitting fees here at the beach can be several hundred dollars per session from other photographers but we want you to get portraits for your money. We come to you, we worry about the other people, weather, backgrounds, expressions, posing, wind, light and most important getting real portraits …with no session fees!

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Our print prices are based on Retouched Images...we take the time to actually work on each photograph. All of our photos will be professionally retouched and enhanced. We will soften around your eyes, remove acne, whiten teeth, fix hair, remove bruises, take people from the background, and straighten horizon lines to just name a few of the things we do to make you and your family look great in the final product with no extra fees!


You can even purchase your printable DVD or digital files with professional retouching. Few photographers offer this option. Our retouched DVD and flash drive is like getting a potential wall portrait from every file so, is it too expensive? We don’t think so. We think is a great deal! You can create endless things from each is a great value.


Some photographers are letting them go for a lump sum...that cost a lot less…we simply can’t offer it... and believe me... you don’t want their digital files…out of focus faces, sloppy poses, sun flare and slanted horizon lines and no retouching options. What you want to receive are digital files that can be printed as large wall portraits and look great every time...and with us that is what you get!


So, smile! You can still get a professionally retouched and edited beach portrait or digital file that will be cherished for generations!



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